Vittorio Corsini

I live and work in Florence, Italy.
From the start and through several declinations, my research has focused on the theme of inhabiting as a mental archetype or as a place where individuals define and fulfill themselves.
My works have always staged a suspended condition between the memory of inhabiting and its real possibility.
In its version both as object or environment as well as on an urban scale, the image of the house is a constant icon in my research.
I have always been drawn to the profiles of things more than the things themselves or their bodies. Throughout the years, I have made a sort of visual inventory of the elements of a dwelling: sculptures and essential installations in the form that recalls everyday use objects, but is also capable of triggering emotions and reflections; a constitutive material fragility corresponds to the absolute iconographic sketchiness and stiffness of silhouettes. Glass in fact has always been a material loved for the inevitable stress reaction it triggers and the consequent care and attention it requires.