Serena Fineschi

I live and work between Siena (Italy) and Brussels (Belgium).
My work aims at creating a condition of contextuality, a “perpetual present” in which the relationship between life and death is simplified in the act of living. My exploration originates from a simple concept: the impermanence of all things, to which I oppose a personal form of resistance, in a shaky equilibrium between opposites.
In this condition of continuous transformation, attention to or care for the present (where individual and collective memory meet, along with future prospects and common occurrences and everyday gestures) is a way to come to an awareness.
My intervention slots in this real-yet-illusory temporal separation, into the shift between the present-continuous interior time of consciousness and the exterior time of biological life, which is bound to pass. The experience of life is a continuous alternation between these temporal states, with death representing both end and continuity, not only through memory, which is unique in its subjective manifestation, but as universal participation in the perpetual mutation of life form. Action as a form of presence in the world and memory as a condition of existence come together in the uniqueness of experience, which thus becomes the universal experience of the self. The process of the work is a journey discovered in the making, but is supported by strongly-rooted theoretical and spiritual convictions. The performance aspect emerging from my actions is thus not so important as a public representation, but constitutes the active and “formal” rendering of a piece at the moment of its realisation.