Michele Guido

I live and work in Milan, Italy.
I have produced what has been defined as an enigmatic and compelling body of work based on the analogy and interpretation of organic and architectural forms.
In my recent research I have focused on the garden, which combines nature with an intellectualapproach. Using different media and materials, I produce works which reveal the relationship between architecture, history and images of nature.
From the study of the geometric structure of flowers and plants drawings are born which relate to the process of creation of cathedrals, mausoleums, often taken from ancient maps. An important element in my research is the use of numbers in the geometric design, which refers to the planetary system in which are inscribed both the garden (where the vegetal element grows) and the architectural plan.
The garden, in fact, constitutes a central tropus in my formal universe, which presupposes two related, yet not entirely comparable artistic operations: selection and montage.