Michela de Mattei

I live and work in London, Uk.
In my work, I resort to a wide range of art expressions, including sculpture, video, drawing and installation. I am interested in the inter-relation between human beings and nature.
I explore the means and criteria of people to face and adapt to the surrounding environment, emphasizing the romantic aspect of this failing effort.
My work often proceeds through an experimental approach, using plans, architects’ sketches and codes and shaping them into natural objects or superimposing them on the landscape.
Applying the rules and measurements of these plans, sketches and codes to a different end, such as a sculpture or a site specific installation , implies a changing of scale and context, which eliminates their original practical utility and reveals their poetical nature.
Recently I have started to question the privileged place that animals have and always had in human life as in art history, trying to understand the relation of desire and empathy that leads men to possess and to observe animals.