Maria Morganti

I live and work in Venice, Italy.
The experience of colour is at the centre of my work : colour as substance, as a trace of existence. The pictorial procedure that takes place with precise regularity inside my space is often placed in close relation with other realities.
At the centre of my research are themes such as time, the diary, sedimentation, the persistence of the pictorial gesture, and painting in relation to space. The existential experience, time again, leaves a trace of its passing through the substance-colour. The form is the result of following my method, the process is more important than the form.
My paintings are the consequence of the sedimentation of layers of colour that I paint on the canvases every day. Visually, they almost look like monochrome paintings with just a small multi-layered strip at the top, which bears witness to the various passages. The continuity of painting is how I deal with my gesture: spreading substance on a surface, its sedimentation, nothing more than adding an action to other actions that were already completed or are in the process of being completed.