Francesco Lauretta

I live and work in Florence, Italy.
“Painting is the life project proceeding in the invention and redefinition of this medium”.
The representation of the visible, which sometimes I define as “super-realism”, the way I paint, goes hand in hand with a philosophical thinking on the meaning of life: painting becomes then a place of challenge and takes the risk of failure on itself. From 2003, (after a short trip in my native land, Sicily) I defined myself as a “Pirandellian painter” and today an “engineer”, stressing not only the representation but also the construction element. From 2010 I have been working on “I racconti funesti” - Fatal Tales, a series of allegories where I am using writing as an instrument for the understanding of my research, intended precisely as a work of construction, for which I use drawing (pouncing), painting, but also video and performance.