Francesca Grilli

I live and work between The Netherlands and Belgium.
My approach is based on human communication and form. Whether evoked visually through videoproduction, images, performances (The second conversation, The third conversation, 2008), or a voice over commentary (such as in the videos 194.9 MHz and Gordon - 2007), the issue is rather evident.
Dipped in an emotional light and in a controlled and rigorous time articulation, I believe my works ooze autobiographical moods and tension immersed in a suspended and enigmatic atmosphere which slides towards the public in a sensual, and virtually, decadent fashion. These two aspects are not in contrast, nor does one prevail on the other. They simply exist and reverberate one into the other. In my research two potentially spinal aspects vibrate: the treatment of sound in all its forms and registers, and the viewer’s space of action. The former is a linguistic element with indefinite possibilities of expressive modulation and the latter is an immense territory. In the videos the attention is placed on the complexity of the innermost story and on the multi-level temporal conjugation, whilst in the performance I search for the intensity of the action. I enjoy showing the countless, yet, mostly invisible perceptual crevices which can either welcome or reject once and for all the viewer, in that ever unhinging territory, because ever so personal, which is my work.