Fabrizio Cotognigni

I live and work in Civitanova Marche, Italy.
My artistic research is based on the idea of contamination:interactions, trespassings, fusions between images and word-signs. Through all these means, I aim at creating new icons. Cautiously using the verbal painting’s idea. The meaning of my work is this. Using words, colours, architectures, pictures, maps, I am trying, through contamination, to force the image to become imagination. We have forms that are changing, they try to develop, they express a construction process. The verbal element with its physical presence doesn’t exist anymore. Identification words change of nature, from being descriptive they develop to some structure, finally turning to architecture . The subject of my work is the concept writing – antiwriting.
I would like my works to become places of contemplation and, at the same time, of reflexion and concentration. Taking again possession of surfaces and establishing an analytical relationship with ancestral, alchemical or mysteriosophical signs, I try develop a research that regains the Renaissance imagery in order to produce complex structures, aesthetical rebuses where it is possible to retrace signs and drawings that, on the one hand, look for harmony and centrality, while, on the other hand, require an essential irregularity and a necessary lateral development of the composition.