Elisabetta di Maggio

I live and work in Venezia, Italy.
I have been pursuing a research attempting to highlight two elements which are - in my view - essential in life: communication networks which are needed for information transmission, and the suitable amount of time necessary to make this transfer possible. In other words, I am trying to highlight the close links exhisting between the grids, structures and circuits belonging to different worlds but also part of our everyday life. I am referring for instance to the complex structure of lymph vessels in leaves, or subway maps, or the shape of a nerve cell: if looked at closely, these seemingly unrelated elements show instead many analogies and much resonance. I take my subjects from the real world, starting from anthropological, botanic, urban illustrations, but also from embroideries and wallpaper patterns belonging to everyday domestic life. All this process hints at a metaphorical thinking on the way we live as parts of a whole which seems constantly repeating some laws of fractal proliferation, thus providing the world with a sense of movement and fruitfulness. The working method is always the same: piercing, cutting different materials (tissue, paper sheets, plant leaves, soaps, china, wall plaster) with sharp surgical knives. I cut across these materials and the results are works that can be seen as sharing a common theme: the shapes that nature takes in its process of expansion and organisation.