Claudia Losi

I live and work in Piacenza, Italy.
I look to nature and science likes sources of inspiration as well as to the historical and anthropological aspect of the environment. Working in a variety of media, from site-specific installations, sculpture and video to works on textile and paper, I also explore the concept of story-telling through art and writing, often using projects to link and create new communities of human interaction.
My artistic quest is dedicated to the relationship between the human being and nature and travelling and exploration as experiences of knowledge.
Walking and experiencing and in-depth knowledge of sites are focal aspects of my research. My interests encompass different disciplines, from natural science, such as ethnology and geology, to geography, cartography, literature, poetry.
Hence my work softly blends ecological concerns and social considerations. Nature, the source and food of thoughts, becomes a boost to raise our awareness with respect to our relationship with natural and social environment and with the rules underlying them.
I have carried out a number of projects based on participation and relationship: projects, centred around objects acting as catalysts of energies, experiences, memories, that have turned into collective operations.