Beatrice Pediconi

I Live and work in New York, US.
My work is charged with mystery and amazement. The gesture I perform generates a process while remaining capable of capturing and accepting the unexpected: advance and retreat, action and perception.
My work bears witness to the possibility of another form of painting: painting that “mutates” not on the canvas, but in water, and with results that the artist can only partially control. From the cycle texts written in ink (2006), to the blue series (2009) in which I made use of plaster and powders, to the Red works ( 2011), where I carried out experiments with various organic materials, and then to environment: a new space that becomes a vessel which the visitor is invited to enter (2013), my encounter with the element of water has continued to develop and grow ever more fertile.
Recently a new start with large format polaroids (20x25 cm) in black and white. My work strives for coupling the scientific observation of the behavior of materials and the capacity to reproduce it with a state of creative freedom in which the image is shifted onto levels of perception quite different from those to which traditional painting has accustomed us. My praxis finds its basis in the fragility of vision and its transformation.