Alice Cattaneo

I live and work in Milano.
My work is moving along two tracks: the image that originated before the work itself and the material that suggests a gesture. These two tracks come together at some point and, through matter, the original image becomes thought. So the process of producing the art work implies continuous changes, cancellations and new beginnings. Like when you are faced with a very beautiful landscape and you have the feeling that you can not really see it, you are stuck in front of this vision. Then something starts to happen and you can see the first details. My work originates from a feeling of this kind, by a sort of contradiction, by an inability to see which makes you stop in that suspended space that exists just before a real perception of the world. The connections between things, labile or solid, have always been at the origin of major questions arising in my work. Everything is constructed through a non-hierarchical and non-linear system. My sculptures come from an image that originates before the work itself. This image develops and takes shape during the execution process, since it involves the contradictions and limits of the materials, often leading me in unexpected directions.