organised by Fondaco and Officina

Exhibition's opening: Tuesday 19 April, from 5 to 9 pm.

Exhibition's opening hours:
Wednesday 20, Gallery night : from 2 to 9 pm
Thursday 21: from 2 to 8 pm
Friday 22: from 2 to 8 pm
Saturday 23: from 2 to 8 pm
Sunday 24: special event, by invitation only

From 25 April until 3 July 2016 the exhibition will remain open to the public by appointment .
For appointments please contact: info@officinart.com or phone +32 499 618782

Special event
Sunday 24 April, 11 am - 1pm, Francesca Grilli will carry out the performance.
Golden Age (by invitation only / limited places)
Please confirm attendance by mail info@officinart.com or call +32 476 57 57 49

Golden Age consisted in a gold-based lunch offered by the artist to the people of the little village of Beetsterzwaag, in Holland. The collective performance was documented through photos taken with a special Polaroid Camera which captures people’s magnetic field that everybody emanates. The artist was interested in the collective experience, which arises through the digestion of the food as an essential moment in which gold returns to the earth. The work’s focus is the digestion intended as a process: the commensals’ body becomes the medium for the alchemical transformation accordingly to ancient beliefs. For the exhibition ‘LA PELLE (Skin)’, Grilli presents the documentation of Golden Age, the experience’s before and after, inviting the visitors to repeat the experience of drinking gold.
In the recent performances by Francesca Grilli, people play the most important part. Through a common experience that will be transformed in a sort of ritual, they define the artwork itself.
Francesca Grilli’s work was shown at the 2013 Venice Biennale; she has participated in a number of Art Performance Festivals. Her performance is based on participation and experiment; the body and its potentials are at the centre of her research. Her ‘provocations’ to performers and spectators aim at in involving them in a proactive way, leading them to assuming a risk, to accept making a gesture of generous self-deliverance, as it is for the artist.

FONDACO’s first exhibition in Brussels, LA PELLE (Skin), will be hosted in Officina’s maison de Maitre at the Etangs d’Ixelles.

LA PELLE (Skin) is the first project in Bruxelles by FONDACO, which has found its home and an irreplaceable support and partnership in Officina, an Associazione Culturale aiming at promoting arts by organising exhibitions and other events in its premises.
Different art expressions will be displayed around the theme of the unavoidable relationship and interaction between the human being and the surface of earth, and the tactile origin of vision. No curator. This exhibition is a multiple expression by artists for artists. Since a while, artists not only curate their own work, but demonstrate that they are able to share and confront themselves with other ways of conceiving art, pulling together ideas and experiences. Some artists will be at the exhibition site during the opening hours, happy to meet and discuss with visitors.

Exhibition space:
Avenue du Général de Gaulle 45
1050 Brussels


Standing precisely on the surface of things. Step by step we caress the skin of the earth, showing our affection for the world. A caressing gesture which has taken place for century, at times absent-mindedly, but always relentlessly. Primordial contact of the artistic gesture. The genesis of feeling shifts from body to vision, shape riflected on the retina, the skin of the image, the tactile origin of the gaze.


Alice Cattaneo, Vittorio Corsini, Fabrizio Cotognini, Martina della Valle, Marta Dell’Angelo, Michela de Mattei, Elisabetta Di Maggio, Serena Fineschi, Francesca Grilli, Michele Guido, Claudia Losi, Francesco Lauretta, Claudio Maccari, Marco Andrea Magni, Matteo Montani, Maria Morganti, Beatrice Pediconi, Alessandro Piangiamore, Alessandro Roma.